Friday Links!

via Sabrina Tibourtine Collage on Etsy


In no particular order, here are 10 of the more interesting things I’ve found on the Wide World Web this week!

The Dude’s Sweater is up for auction this weekend! Via When You Awake

Great idea! I just wish we could do this for every song… ever! Don’t you?

Saw a collection of Type-Based pillows on Apartment Therapy. The headliner was perfect for a Scrabble fiend such as I.

Magnetic Vertical Garden Startup!

The Innermost House is a small, beautiful house that is aiming to make a sacred space out of her home. She talked more about this week at Tiny House Blog.

Isn’t it amazing to see the ingenuity that occurs when  don’t throw something out? I never knew you could repair a mug with staples!

Mike Rowe Testifies!

I love this idea for a toddler game!

Make fast work of your magazine doodling.

Adorable young songstress!



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