The Home Curator reviews Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’

Raphael Saadiq’s Stone Rollin’ is one of the first new albums I’ve been excited about for a long time. Dare I say it is one of the only Grammy Award winning artists I’ve been this excited about ever in my adult life. I must admit that this album deserves a writer better versed in Raphael Saadiq’s previous work and unfortunately that is not me. However, as a music-lover I can say that it is absolutely clear that the seamless weaving of psych, soul, 60’s rock n’ roll and blues was made by a seasoned and dexterous artist with a solid catalog.

If the cross section of listeners on the cover is any indicator of whom this album is trying to reach,  the hipster analysts and  fun loving ladies, it should be successful, as indeed this album is both palatable and interesting. It is rich enough for a music snob and accessible enough for anyone that likes music. It is absolutely solid, through and through,  the second side is more of a smooth finish than a continuum of the explosive first half, and though it is my personal preference to have an epic ending thrown in the mix, all is forgiven in its overall flawlessness.

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