New Year’s Resolutions

My half year resolution of being forgiving in general and of myself was pretty successful. Having a more general resolution is very helpful in being able to see results, even with something as unspecific as a virtue or practice. This year I want to continue to have a conciliatory and healing outlook, but I also want to approach the world with the urgency and graveness that our times deserve.

My hope for this blog when I first started it was that I could go beyond the idea of homemaking as a primarily consumerist endeavor to a thoughtful practice that contributes to bettering the world. It was made out of both a response to and reverence for the shelter/design blogs that were so inspiring to me at the time as a homemaker. Many of these had a strong do-it-yourself and frugal ethic, and made me think of the importance of design in my daily life. I believe that there is a very important place for bringing beauty and design into the home, however I also know that there is potential for so much more as homemakers and families than having a beautiful home. As I read these blogs I felt like there was something missing for the part of me that wanted to contemplate the meaning of being a homemaker and mother, I also felt like only lip-service was being given to the important ethical concerns of the age. However. I tried to work within the current model of home and family blogging and interject my own way of thinking into that framework. It was ill-fitting from the beginning, so it didn’t work.

Blogging ain’t easy, so I have only respect for the women out there able to make a living from it, they inspire me and I look forward to hopefully begin engaging with that community. But will there be a place for me there? Stay tuned.



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