1/2 Year Resolution- Be Forgiving

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This post is for The Green Mom’s Carnival on 1/2 Year Resolutions

The list of things I haven’t done and want to do are longer than anyone would want to read: A garden that needs tending, skills that need learning, a body that needs care. After awhile the list becomes more of a burden than an inspiration. So at half way through the year it seems like a good time to make the resolution to practice forgiveness. For the ecologically minded, guilt is everywhere. In a reusable bag left in a car, a food scrap not composted, or a car uses too much fuel. And as a mother I find myself constantly finding ways to measure myself up against a higher standard. When I look back on the things I haven’t done or look forward to the things I could do, but haven’t yet, it is easy to get so frustrated that I don’t want to do anything at all.

Forgiveness isn’t just good to practice for myself, in fact, it is even better to experience forgiveness toward the people in my life and the world around me. Whether it be in a moment of frustration or a long standing resentment. By viewing life through the lens of forgiveness I realize that it’s not just others that deserve forgiveness, I  also owe it to myself to forgive them.

It’s not easy, to approach the world and myself with a forgiving mindset, but it is a simple enough concept to remember and definitely a worthwhile goal. Guilt and judgment become unnamed feelings that weigh heavy on the heart. After awhile it can be easy to forget what that gnawing feeling is; once I recognize that there is a remedy for what I’m feeling, I find more clarity. Forgiveness is healing and inspiring, and says it’s okay to move on. Which is good because there is a home that needs tending to, a family to raise, and a huge list of other things that need to get done.


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