American Frugal Housewife

American Frugal Housewife is a sort of manifesto of good economy and frugality. First published in 1828, the tips were likely of good use to homemakers of the time.  Although the instructional material may not seem as accessible to today’s reader, it at least provides an interesting historical perspective:

Her philosophy is just as pertinent today as it has ever been. My favorite call to arms is in the furniture section:




One of my favorite things about pre-industrial and turn of the century works is the imagery and even the touch of folklore embedded in the day to day accounts. I love this bit about rose-water.

Rose water? Aged cheese carefully wrapped in paper? It makes me long for another time, (I am not squeamish about insects, so that part doesn’t bother me).


I’ll leave you with my favorite recipe, this one is for Wedding Cake. I think I could make this, I know I could eat a slice:



These images were found in the Google scanned book. American Frugal Housewife is in public domain and widely available.

Here is the source link.


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